gilbert.jpgWhen we moved to Shanghai, we were prepared to accept the fact that there would be no Jewish community for our family. We were pleasantly surprised.

As Reform Jews from America, we were intimidated by Chabad, but in spite of this, on one Shabbat, we decided to give it a try.

We were very glad we did. 

Pudong Chabad is a very special place, made so by the warm and open approach of the Rabbi and his wife. They welcome everyone warmly but neither judge nor push. They are focused on building a community that is welcoming to everyone and offers whatever Jewish experience you need.

Friday night services and dinner are such a warm and inviting experience that our kids looked forward to Fridays and pleaded with us to bring them to Shabbat. Services are relaxed and meaningful followed by a wonderful dinner that often lasts several hours and is a great opportunity to meet and become friends with many other Shanghai Jews from a wide variety of backgrounds and situations.

Although we were only in Shanghai for a year, Pudong Chabad made it possible for us to create a familiar Jewish experience for our family in the middle of a very foreign place.

We miss Friday nights, we miss our Jewish friends at Pudong Chabad, and we are grateful to and miss the Rabbi and his wife whose warm and thoughtful approach make it all happen. 

 Sheldon, Donna, Alex and Carley Gilbert    

 *     *     * 


אחריי ארבע שנים בשנגחאי חזרנו להתגורר בישראל אבל הרב אברהם ונחמי - וחב"ד פודונג, תמיד ישארו בליבנו

בית חב"ד פודונג היה תמיד פתוח ללא כל תנאי, לנו ולכל קהילת היהודים בשנגחאי. הם עזרו לנו לשמור על המסורת ולחגוג את החגים, וכל זאת תמיד באווירה חמה ונעימה

קבלות השבת, לימוד אפיית חלות, ארגון פעילויות לילדים ונשות הקהילה, תרמו רבות לאיחוד ותחושת המשפחתיות בקהילה היהודית בפודונג. אני כבר מתגעגעת לבישולים המשותפים עם נחמי

השיא מבחינתינו היה ההירתמות של הרב אברהם ונחמי לקראת הבר מצווה של איתי. איתי כל כך נהנה לבוא וללמוד אצל הרב, וגם הטקס עצמו היה כל כך מרגש ומיוחד. לא יכולנו לחלום על טקס בר מצווה יותר מרגש ומכובד מזה שערכנו בחב"ד

 .תודה ולהתראות

אוהד, מירב, איתי ודנה אשרי  

 *     *     * 



Three years ago our family was offered a chance to move to Shanghai, China. Moving was not new to us, however, we usually found that our easiest way “into” a new community was through the Jewish community. In Shanghai, this was no different, although the Jewish community in Pudong (the east side of Shanghai), was just starting up, and so was Chabad – which coming from a mixed marriage and a very reformed community, we were a bit apprehensive. We thought we would have to be Orthodox or very religious, or that we would not be Jewish enough to feel comfortable. This was truly a misconception.

The Chabad Community in Pudong was warm, welcoming, and engaging for our entire family. Our children joined the Hebrew school program (and they love it), and in April 2009, our son, became the first Bar Mitzvah in Pudong. Furthermore, the activities and celebrations are all centered on the family and are especially geared toward the children. We have found it very inclusive for anyone who wants to have an enriching Jewish experience. There is really something for everyone.

This “community” (people from many different countries and different levels of Jewish religiousness) has really been our “extended family” in Shanghai. We are grateful for what we have continued to enjoy here in Pudong. Our deepest thanks goes to the work of Rabbi Avraham and Nechamie Greenberg, who lead the community.

Greg, Denise, David, Rachel and Janie Morency


*     *     * 


Nemeth.jpgI am a Reform Jew, having lived in Shanghai for over 2 years now and I am raising two sons here.

When we first choose to move to China, the first thing I did was determine whether a Jewish community existed here at all...I found Chabad.  I took a deep breath and packed our bags.

What I found was the most heartwarming experiences my sons and I could have ever asked for. Our Rabbi and his wife work very hard to provide services and experiences that can be enjoyed by any Jew regardless of their affiliation. I am so thankful. Prayers are explained, English is included as well as Hebrew, and services for children are provided.  No one is ever turned away because of financial abilities and no one ever feels less than worthy of God's blessings. 

The education program for our children is phenomenal. Their self awareness, pride and commitment to being Jews is strong and alive in their hearts.  They have taught me and explained things to me that I did not know or did not fully understand. And most importantly, they enjoy what they are learning and look forward to the next week's lessons.

My Reform Jewish children have no hesitation when it comes time to attend a Shabbat service or a holiday service, or to do social service within their community. They adore the celebrations our Rabbi and his wife organize for our community. 

Being a Jew has become an incredible source of pride and happiness for my children and while I have always worked diligently to make ours a Jewish home, our Chabad Rabbi and his wife have been the support and back-up that had been missing before.

Jennifer Nemeth 

*     *     * 


perez.jpgThe Pudong Jewish community is more than just a community, it is an extended family for many of us especially my family.

We were always concerned at what kind of Jewish exposure our girls, Ella and Mia ,would get in Shanghai and we couldn’t have been more surprised.
The remarkable thing is the diversity of the community and its various degrees of religious observance.
Everyone is welcome wholeheartedly by Rabbi Avraham and Nechamie representing the true spirit of Judaism!
Highly recommended!
Reouven, Sharon, Ella and Mia Perez

*     *     * 

kahn.jpgDear Rabbi and Nechamie,
Thank you so much for the “iLove Shabbat package”.
We will think about you and your family on Friday night when we eat the Challah and sip the wine.
You are doing commendable work in the community and have been tremendously successful in growing the Pudong Jewish Community.
I admire and respect your consistent hard work which is recognized and appreciated.
Many thanks for all that you do.
The Kahn Family