Dear Friend,

As a member of our community, you personally have experienced the growth of our programs and our activities. We take pride in providing a variety of Jewish experiences in a welcoming and positive atmosphere where every Jew - no matter what background - feels at home.

Here are highlights of our events just from the last month:

  • Hebrew school Shabbaton with 70 participants
  • Women’s Annual Event with 26 women
  • Student challah Bake with 10 Students
  • Purim party with 100 participants
  • Weekly Lunch and learn for student with 15 participants
  • Purim gift basket sent to each community member

And this is besides our ongoing services and programs like Hebrew school, Gan twice a week, Shabbat weekly dinners, power breakfast, Bar/bat mitzvah classes and more…

You may not be aware that Chabad of Pudong is not supported by Chabad international or any other organizations. It is totally dependent on local donations. Every year we work very hard to cover the yearly budget for the center and all of its growing programs and activities.

We have no official membership dues at Chabad Pudong. Therefore each year we turn to every individual and family who benefits and enjoys our services with the annual Partnership Fund Appeal. This voluntary membership enables us to continue offering our services to the Pudong Jewish community.

Partnership opportunities include your choices of contributions:

   Monthly  Paid in full
 Single Membership  $50  $600
 Family Membership  $100  $1,200
 Gold Member  $175  $2,100
 Partner  $250  $3,000
 Sponsor $500  $6,000
 Pillar   $1,000  $10,000

Your pledge can be made in payments throughout the year, per your convenience. We hope you will help us by participating in the Partnership Fund Appeal Campaign with your generous pledge.

Upon your request, it would be my pleasure to meet with you personally to present the yearly budget, which includes a detailed plan of the upcoming year's programming and its costs.

Thank you for your continuous support,

Rabbi Avraham Greenberg 


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