"Daniela has been attending the hebrew school for 5.5 years now and she’s loving it.

She loves the teachers and the students, relates very much to Jewish traditions and customs that are taught in Hebrew school, and have been doing extremely well with her Hebrew reading, far beyond our expectations.

For her it is much more than a school. It is a warm place where she always feels welcome. A place where she finds interest and has fun every Sunday morning.

We, the parents, are of course thrilled with her positive attitude. For us the work of the Jewish school is essential to give our children a sense of Judaism, as they live in a secular foreign environment and it is great that we have a place where Daniela can learn and practice her hebrew reading.

It also offers us an opportunity to find and create friendships with Jewish people from all over the world. This is in fact the heart of our community, the glue that bring the jews of pudong together. Managed by the gifted Morah Nechamie, the jewish school of pudong is a must! "

Nir Gadot, Israel


"Pudong Hebrew School has given our children a strong jewish identity, and we would HIGHLY recommend it to any family.

Being a part of the Hebrew School family for the last 5 years, we have only praise and good things to say. The environment fosters great friendships with other Jewish children, something not always available in international schools; the creative and fun approach to teaching and the educational component is second to none!

The fact that my kids (all 3 of them) are eager and happy to go to Hebrew school every Sunday morning, is a testament in itself of how good the school is.

Most importantly, in lovely China where else can a Jewish child learn about their roots and holidays…and no one does it better than Chabad! "

Reouven Perez, Canada


"My kids love coming to Pudong Hebrew school. Before we came here my kids didn't feel Jewish. They really didn't understand why they went to Hebrew school and asked not to go. But once we started at the Chabad House they loved Sunday School and wouldn't dream of missing a day.

They do lots of hands on activities, and really make learning fun. It is all about the kids at the Chabad House! After 3 years, my kids have developed a strong Jewish identity and they love learning about Judaism and Hebrew."

Eileen Rich, USA


"My 3 children are always happy to go to Hebrew school and it’s a struggle to get them out of school. My five year olds are much keener on learning the hebrew letters than the English ones, and they love dressing up as Pharaoh or Abraham. The teachers are all so dedicated and lovely and they are always striving to find interesting ways of engaging the children.

And I love the fact that my kids are making friends with Jewish kids from completely diverse backgrounds (unlike when I grew up and went to hebrew school), and through that they are learning about difference, tolerance and understanding."

Beth Kremer, England