At Chabad we cater to the entire family. We have special events and activities for children, adults and the whole family together. Here you will find an outline of our programs and events.

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Holidays shouldn’t be observed just to please Grandpa, or out of nostalgic guilt. The Jewish Festivals are profoundly meaningful exercises in spiritual awareness, self-refinement and lofty joy. At the Chabad Jewish Center of Pudong, Holiday Celebrations are geared so that adult and child, young and old, are able to find a sense of belonging, celebration and tradition.

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We have a series of several hands on workshops on some of Judaisms essential traditions and customs. It is an invaluable resource for raising the spirit and bringing fresh excitement to Jewish learning.

Shofar factory • Model Matzah bakery • Olive Oil making for Chanukah • Candle making for Havdallah

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Tune in, and express your Jewish self through fun-filled and meaningful conversations. Had the Bat Mitzvah ceremony, got presents, have an IPad to prove it, now what? Jteens is a monthly group for teenagers to socialize and meet friends.Together we go on trips, do crafts and learn in an informal manner, exploring our place in Judaism.

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In Judaism, turning 13 is very important: it’s when you become a Bar Mitzvah—a Jewish adult. The goal of the Bar Mitzvah Club is to explore what Judaism is all about, and how we interact with it. The club invites Jewish boys and their fathers to enjoy exciting activities and programs, giving them the opportunity to get together with others just like them.

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