Mishloach Manot Drive
We are excited to invite you to join the community project of Mishloach Manot

and to send a Purim gift box, to your friends from the local Pudong community and to Pudong alumni that live now all around the world

by Just one click!

Here’s how it works:


Your family, as well as each family on the below list, is going to receive a “Mishloach Manot” gift box in Honor of Purim, (Sunday, March 12th). The gift boxes are filled with delicious Purim treats & goodies.

You will receive a card along with your gift box, showing the names of all the families that partnered in your gift. For example, if 10 different families check off your name on the list, wishing to send you Purim greetings, then you will receive a note attached to your gift box with their (10) names.

What do I need to do?

 Take a look at the list in the Next page. Click on the box to the left of the names of those friends that you would like to send a Mishloach Manot gift box. There is a $5 charge per name.

 Another option: By making a $99 donation, you may check the box of as many families as you like. In case there is someone that you miss, and they check off your name, your family will be automatically added to the list that they will receive. (This Reciprocating option is only available with the $99 donation). You still need to check off the names you want on the attached list. 



Why Mishloach Manot (Shalch Manos)?

Mishloach Manot is one of the four Mitzvot that we perform on Purim.
Since the Purim salvation came as a result of a unified effort of the entire Jewish nation, Jews perform Mitzvot on Purim Day which foster unity and relationships between friends and help the needy.

Therefore, on the holiday of Purim, we send Mishloach Manot, a gift of at least 2 kinds of food to a friend. (Don’t confuse this with a different Purim Mitzvah of Matanot La’evyonim, giving charity on Purim day.)


Orders must be in by Tuesda, March 7 


Click here to Send your Purim gift boxes!